Billing & Legal



Once you’ve decided on your lawyer, make sure you understand how they charge for their services.You should take notice that legal services are not allowed to be provided for free (Advocates Code)  and that the Greek Lawyers’ fees are actually of the lowest in Europe. So please do not get mislead by whatever rumours or mass media allegations concerning the lawyers’ fees.

Our fee is defined by a mutual agreement , and depends on the nature and difficulty of the case, the course of actions to be taken and the duration of working time, with respect to the  personal status of the client.  Due to the size of the office, we have the ability to offer competitive, affordable, still decent prices, in proportion to our knowledge , experience and service quality. 

Part or whole of the fee has to be paid in advance and of course during  .the progress of the case. Fee for advice (personal meeting , written opinion) has to be paid right away , at the time of the provided service. Contingent fee has to be paid, only in case and after you  have actually received monetary settlement and damages-. Any kind of expenses, taxes , tax stamps, etc, also have to be paid in advance. All fees are  charged with VAT 23%. service on line or from distance.