Cohabitation and Marriage


It is totally uncommon  for future couples to ask  for legal advice before getting married or even living together. However, such move would only prove prudence and wisdom. Marriage can be one of life's most exciting adventures, or  end up as a devastating experience, especially for women and children. The couple may be well informed of all the several versions of a common life together, either  in a pact of cohabitation, or in a marriage, and the legal rights and obligation of each option, before deciding which legal type  to choose. There are thousand of legal details, concerning the common expenses, the acquisitions after marriage, the name of the spouses and children, the rights and obligations concerning the children, questions when applying for credit or buying property together, tax matters, and legacy and pensionatery rights, but also the legal ways to terminate the marriage or the cohabitation pact. The more informed you are about your legal rights in a marriage, the more respectful you can be towards yourself and to  your mate in order to overcome the major or minor  challenges of daily common life.