Intellectual property


Intellectual property, trademarks and patents

Intellectual  and industrial property refer to copyrights, trademarks and patents. Whether you're a musician, graphic designer, writer, filmmaker, engineer, a photographer,  or an inventor, you'll want to protect the creations that keep you in business. Like anything of value, intellectual property can even be bought, sold and leased. Great ideas can change the world and offer you a lot of money. So when your great idea  is transformed into a specific work , a book, a song, a poem, a painting, a film,  an invention, a design or even a formula for a new product, you'll want to assert your intellectual property rights to protect it from unauthorized use and allow yourself the freedom to exploit it. Protecting the  right to your mental personal works, grants you the breathing room to develop, market and sell them. Patents, when legally registered, give you exclusive legal rights. If you've developed a logo, a catchphrase or some other form of branding, you can register a trademark. Unfortunately the violation of intellectual property  occurs everyday and almost everywhere. Our Law office has vast experience in intellectual property claims and litigations and we can reassure you that the greek and European legislation provide efficiently for the protection of your rights .