Law of Contracts



Τhe contractual freedom and the contemporary reality  has formed many types of contractual agreements. Security and tax reasons and the need to have a written and solid proof, just in case, make the written contract nowadays necessary. Our office has the knowledge and the experience to provide any legal service,  such as  negotiating, agreeing and preparing  the contractual terms - supervising already written contracts or drafts or proposed agreements ,- notifying about and collecting past due debts and claims - counseling  in general, filing lawsuits and representing the defendant,  on the law of contracts in any known, new , or even  totally innovating or prototype contractual agreement, in the daily or special transactions, such as sell, rent and lease, loan, donation, assignation, employment contracts, independent services contracts, distribution and commercial representation, banking contracts (accounts, credits, leasing, factoring), franchising, time-sharing, settlements of any kind, resignation, mandates, licensing contracts , non-disclosure agreement etc.