Commercial Law


Being an entrepreneur can be the best job in the world. When you've got a dream for a small business (whether you're starting from scratch, expanding a family business or looking to incorporate your company), it's worthwhile to take the time to do it right. By nature, most small business owners are risk takers, but taking the right legal steps can both help your company prosper and limit your liability. When your small business's plan is in place a it's essential to select the appropriate business entity. Will it be a sole proprietorship (which means you're personally on the hook for any liabilities), a partnership, an limited liability company , or  share holders corporation? And what kind of tax implications will the structure have? You can find a lot of small business answers in our office. Learn more about small business fundamentals like hiring employees, keeping corporate records, registrating your intellectual rights, reassuring your lease rights, and collecting debts. Additionately to the incorporating procedure , we handle also the amendment , the transformation, and the termination of an incorporation.

We also provide legal services  regarding securities, payment orders, insurance policies’ claims and disputes and bankruptcy procedure