Hereditary Law ; Last wills and testaments , legacy rights and disputes, estate planning


No one would like to think about his own death. It Is also surprising to know how many people believe that by their own death all of their obligations are  annulled. It is never too late to think thoroughly about making your own last will and testament. When you're ready to think about the possibility of death or incapacity, creating a Will and an estate plan is the best way to take care of your family. Even if you don't have a lot to pass on, it will be easier on everyone if your wishes are known. Wills  allows you to distribute your estate according to your wishes , to provide about your succession in your business, to do charity,  to establish foundations, to protect your family from unnecessary expenses, estate taxes, potential disagreements, even to recognise a child as yours and determine the custody of your children. If you don't have a Will, the State determines how your property is distributed and who cares for your kids in case both parents are gone. Don't separate Wills and estate planning in your mind, because an estate plan should be more than just a Will. So if the option of a will sounds unattractive,  you should by all means consider alternative deeds and legal acts, to settle as fair as possible ,while in life, the chance of your estate after death.

            If you have just lost a beloved person, our office can take up  the whole procedure to settle your hereditary and property rights and settle your inheritance tax obligations. And in case you  believe or  after our research we find out, that your lawful hereditary rights have been violated, either by the other heirs or by the decedent, we can verify this and take all measures to protect your rights.